About Miele

Thanks to a recent grant from the Vodafone ‘World of Difference’ programme, we are able to link with schools in the UK to help children understand Kenyan culture, language and some of the issues children there face in an exciting, fun and engaging way. As well as learning all about Kenya, pupils in UK schools can donate their old or unwanted books to be taken out to schools in Kenya which desperately need them.

We all know the emotional, social and academic benefits that access to a wide range of literature can offer a child. Unfortunately, many of the children we work with are not able to access these facilities. We are excited to launch the new ‘Bring a Book’ project in partnership with Vodafone and UK schools to help more children enjoy books and reading.

If you are a teacher; or have links with a school in the UK - we want to hear from you today! Contact us to find out how children in your school can get involved with Milele!

Registered Charity Number: 1137863