Milele began after we visited Kenya in July 2007. While we were there we met many inspiring people whose determination and enthusiasm for life was humbling. We felt the injustice of the fact that so many of the children in this area are born with big plans for their own future which they are unable to realise simply because they can’t afford to go to school. Quality education should be accessible to everyone but unfortunately this is very far from the reality. These simple facts motivated the foundation of Milele in September 2008.

Since then Milele has been steadily growing. We sponsor more and more children each year and help them with their education, food and healthcare. We have also launched a few additional projects. One such project is a Christmas gifts programme (Launched December 2011), where each year in December you can donate and buy a gift such as a life saving mosquito net or a food parcel for a family in Kenya who desperately need them. Additionally, we run a ‘clothes and shoes donations’ programme (Launched July 2009), which takes donations from people in the UK and gives them to people in Kenya who need them most. We also try to get a photo of most donations as they are being given out in Kenya to give back to you! Also, we run a ‘Bring a Book’ project, which reuses well loved books in the UK and gives them to schools in Kenya. Finally, Milele ran a Teaching Project (2011 – 2014) which funded a fully qualified teacher to work at a community school in Kenya, supporting children from single parent families, orphans and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

To learn more about any of our projects please get in touch.