Introducing Sorrel & The Scholarship Project

Hi everyone! I’m Sorrel and I’m currently interning with Milele. The reason I applied to be an intern with Milele earlier this year is because I have decided that I would like to pursue a career in policy and research in the third sector. In particular, I would like to work with charities that are dedicated to ensuring that young people have equal chances in life, and thus are able to succeed despite personal circumstances. This is why Milele resonated with me, as I too believe that the right to education is fundamental, and that children should not be limited in their future opportunities due to a lack of economic mobility. I fully support the emphasis that Milele places on education as it allows children and young people to take control of their own lives and have agency over their future, and am delighted that I get to contribute the outstanding work that Milele does.

One of the projects I have been undertaking recently is the creation of a document with details of scholarships and grants for prospective university students.  As you may know, Emmanuel Kai, one of Milele’s students and the first to attend University, is nearing the end of his degree. An important milestone for both Milele and Emmanuel! However, the issue is that the cost of university education is far greater than secondary education. Although Milele has every intention of supporting the students through university, the charity is still relatively small and therefore does not have the seemingly endless funds of some of the larger charities. So, in order to support the students, outside funding needs to be sourced to help cover the costs of university. This is where my research comes in. I have been busy locating and researching different scholarships and grants available to university applicants online, and compiling my findings into a word document to be used by the students. These scholarships can vary from fully covering tuition fees and personal expenses, to only covering a certain portion of tuition fees. Nonetheless, all of these scholarships could significantly help Milele support the students and allow them to afford the university education they all deserve. The document I have created gives the students all of the information they would need regarding the scholarships, including the nature of the scholarship, where they could undertake their studies, the entry criteria, and how they need to apply. Therefore, they only need to consult this document now to see what grants and scholarships they are entitled to. Nothing is stopping them from accessing university now with Milele by their side!

This document will no doubt help the future students that Milele will support through university, and will help them navigate the somewhat complicated process of finding and applying for scholarships and grants. The students will now be able to pick and choose which scholarships they believe will most benefit them, with the help of Milele of course! I have thoroughly enjoyed undertaking this research and playing a small role in helping the students get to university, and beyond. I wish success to every future Milele student that applies to university, and hope this document may help them take control of their own future and succeed.


Sorrel Norwood is the first Milele Intern and has been an invaluable addition to the team! If you are interested in interning for Milele, contact us at

Milele Internship Scheme

Do you know a student or young person looking for experience in the charity sector? We are currently looking for students or young people aged 18-25 to take part in our new internship scheme. Partnered with v-inspired ( the internship scheme will offer recognition of volunteering hours and references for future career steps.

After running a successful volunteer programme in the UK and Kenya, we have developed the Milele internship programme. This programme aims to provide recognition for volunteers who dedicate their time and collaborate with Milele. The internship provides students and those looking to gain experience in different areas of the charity sector with the opportunity to build on their existing skills and develop new ones. We know that studying can be a busy time where students want to develop their CVs without increasing their stress load or having to travel a long way to participate. This is what we aim to provide! You can intern for us using just the internet and your mobile phone. We aim to foster a supportive environment whereby you can really make a difference to a small charity, and have this recognised as you move forward in your career.

Our first intern, Sorrel, has been doing some amazing work for us over the last few months… keep your eyes open this week for a blog post written by Sorrel!

For more information, or to apply please read our Internship Welcome Pack or email with any questions or for an application form!

Taking the Plunge: Triathlete in Training!

Rich took the plunge today in his first ever open water swim! Some would say he left it rather late with a mere 2 weeks to the big event… gossip speculates that this was an avoidance tactic or perhaps that he was hoping he could back out at the last minute? No chance Rich. We have your number.

Open air swimming... looks inviting doesn't it?!
Open air swimming… looks inviting doesn’t it?!

The water temperature was a brisk 12.4 degrees but he didn’t let that put him off, warming up with 800 metres in his new wetsuit!

Triathlon training - 1 (1)

In fact, Rich is now a big fan of wetsuits, in a post-training interview he sung their praise saying “Yes. The wetsuit look is amazing. I’m about to start wearing it out and about – who doesn’t want clothing that smells of rubber, makes noises as you walk and feels like you’re wearing full body spanx? Get on board guys!”

That's enough for today!
That’s enough for today!


Triathlon training - 1 (3)


CLICK TO DONATE HERE to make Rich’s painful training this morning worthwhile and keep him motivated as we lead into the big event on Sunday 15th May 2017! 


Hi Everyone!

If you are reading this – I know you already care about Milele. I know you are already one of our lovely and wonderful supporters – THANK-YOU for all your help and donations over the years!

We are currently looking for sponsors, so if you are already a sponsor with us please have a think – is there someone else you know who might also enjoy being one?

If you’re not currently sponsoring and you’ve always wanted to – NOW is the moment!!!

If you know of a way or have a good idea of how we can recruit new sponsors to our fabulous Milele Team – please get in touch we would love to hear from you.

We can give you leaflets to leave out at work, or pop through the doors of your neighbours, or generally hand around to anyone who might be interested!

Sponsorship costs £90 per year and includes education, food and healthcare for a child in Kenya.

We have between 4 and 5 sponsors per child, so it truly is an opportunity to develop a very close and special relationship if you would like to write, send and receive photos or even visit your sponsored child.

All our sponsored children would have been unable to access a good level of education without the help of people like you who are kind enough to care about someone on the other side of the world.

Thanks so much for reading and once again for all your help – it makes such a difference.

Amy x

Let’s be PROUD!


new logo
Milele means ‘forever‘ in Swahili and is a very small charity which Rich and I set up in 2008.
We are a sponsorship programme, so we sponsor the education of children from the townships just north of Mombasa, Kenya.
Although education is at our heart, we have grown and learned a lot along the way and now Milele is really much more than that. We have a food programme and a healthcare programme for our children as part of a really holistic approach. We also provide access to counselling and psychological therapy, as well as social and emotional educational input. All of our children come from very vulnerable backgrounds and many were at very high risk of issues such as child marriage, early pregnancy, HIV or just simple malnutrition before we sponsored them.
Our children are all different, and as such have different needs and require different support. We have built personalised plans of care for every child, tailored around them and their family to help keep them safe, healthy and happy.
I always think of Milele as a way to give children a choice. So many babies in this area are born with their lives mapped out for them – I truly feel this is outrageous and it makes me angry when I think of the injustice of it. Children have their whole lives ahead of them, they have a basic human right to an education, a right to decide for themselves what they want to do and who they want to be.
All 18 of our children are at different stages in their personal journey, from their first baby steps in Kindergarten to heading towards university graduation. Most importantly, all our children are in school and learning, progressing and able to make choices about their future.
This success is thanks to YOU! Milele sponsors, volunteers and supporters. You are changing lives, you are making a difference – so be SUPER PROUD OF YOURSELVES!
On behalf of all our families, thank-you!
The Milele Family
The Milele Family (August 2015)

Isaac’s first term at Mtwapa Elite

This has been a big year for our youngest sponsored child, Isaac, as he has started at BIG SCHOOL!

Isaac was previously attending Victory Academy, a small local kindergarten run by a wonderful woman named Madam Susan. Madam Susan runs the kindergarten (for around 80 children from 18months to 5yrs) out of her home and cares for all the children as her own. Isaac has now graduated from Victory Academy and is ready to start big school for the first time!

To read more about Isaac or Victory Academy check out our other blog posts:

Blog Post – Isaac

Blog Post – Local Schools

Victory Academy Classroom - I love the hand stitched posters!
Victory Academy Classroom – I love the hand stitched posters!

Isaac was very excited when he moved this January into the Kindergarten class at Mtwapa Elite! He has his posh new school uniform and is feeling pretty smart!

Check out my smart new uniform!
Check out my smart new uniform!

Isaac is joining Kindergarten 2 at Mtwapa Elite, which is an excellent primary school, currently leading the way in the examination results for the whole of Kilifi County. He will be among family, since 8 of our milele sponsored children already attend this school.

To find out more about Mtwapa Elite, check out our previous blog post:

Blog Post – Mtwapa Elite

Isaac is settling in really well and we are starting some extra tuition for him with his kindergarten teacher to help him catch up with his reading skills. He has already made lots of friends and is in the same class as Riziki, another of our Milele sponsored children. Riziki and Isaac are neighbours and are already firm friends!

We look forward to hearing more about how he is getting on at big boys school – stay tuned!

Mtwapa Elite Academy - Isaac's new school
Mtwapa Elite Academy – Isaac’s new school


Kindergarten corridor at Mtwapa Elite - I especially like all the brightly coloured blocks! Very friendly!
Kindergarten corridor at Mtwapa Elite – I especially like all the brightly coloured blocks. Very friendly!
Kindergarten classroom at Mtwapa Elite
Kindergarten classroom at Mtwapa Elite


Milele Triathletes!

In May this year two brave men will be attempting an olympic distance triathlon to raise money for Milele!

James and Rich are building on their previous athletic successes… to date these include:

  • 5 hour netflix marathons,
  • uninformed commentating on various sports
  • watching The Olympics saying “how hard could it be?

Yes really. Their epic challenge will include a 1.5km swim followed by a 38km cycle and a 10km run one after the other! 

The face of terror!
The face of terror!

Please give generously and make their pain (and possible serious injury) worthwhile!

You can view their progress towards their fundraising target and make your contribution at the mydonate page below.


James and Rich preparing for a training cycle!
James and Rich preparing for a training cycle!

Our Kindergarten Graduates!

Congratulations to Steven and Saidi, who both graduated from Kindergarten in December! This week they will start in their new primary classes. They won’t be changing schools as Mtwapa Elite goes right through, but they do get a posh different coloured PE uniform!! Very grown up!

They are very excited – lets wish them luck in their new classes and all have a little nostalgic moment remembering how much they have grown!!

Saidi January 2013 when he had been sponsored only a few months
Saidi January 2013 when he had been sponsored only a few months
Steven in January 2013 receiving a teddy from Milele, before he was sponsored
Steven in January 2013 receiving a teddy from Milele, before he was sponsored
So big now! Saidi (centre) and Steven (right) outside their house in October 2016. The other cutie is Simon, Saidi's baby brother!
So big now! Saidi (centre) and Steven (right) outside their house in October 2016. The other cutie is Simon, Saidi’s baby brother!
The first Milele children to wear graduation caps - watch out Emmanuel Kai, you're not the only graduate-to-be on the block now!!!
The first Milele children to wear graduation caps – watch out Emmanuel Kai, you’re not the only graduate-to-be on the block now!!!
Very proud! Saidi and Steven with their graduation certificates!
Very proud! Saidi and Steven with their graduation certificates!




Teddy Bear Donations

Hi All,

A few years ago Amy went along to a meeting of the Rotary Club of Lutterworth to talk about Milele. Whilst there she met Elaine Turner who had recently started a group who were knitting teddies to send to children all over the world. Since that chance meeting Milele has happily helped to distribute several hundred teddy bears to vulnerable children in Kenya.

Whilst I have included some photos in blog posts over the years I thought it would be nice to include a small collection of photos all in one place and say a big thank you to Elaine and her band of happy knitters!


P.s. watch out for little Edward who is now sponsored by Milele


Emmanuel Kai – University Update

Back in 2015, Emmanuel Kai began attending the University of Nairobi to study Economics and Statistics. He has been working away hard for the past 2 years and is now just more than halfway through his degree programme. Whilst we were in Kenya in September we were able to catch up with him in person and find out a little more about his experience and how he is getting on.

Emmanuel Kai outside the school of Economics at the University of Nairobi
Emmanuel Kai outside the school of Economics at the University of Nairobi

Having grown up on a farm just outside Mtwapa, one of the biggest changes Emmanuel has had to get used to is living in Nairobi. Emmanuel rents a room with a friend in an area called Nagra which is quite near to the University of Nairobi campus. This means he is generally able to walk to university unless it is dark when he gets one of the many public buses as street crime is common. Nairobi is around 1,500 meters above sea level and this means that it is cold; when Emmanuel first got to Nairobi he was shocked at how cold it was and his first purchase was a big thick jumper that wouldn’t have been out of place at a ski lodge!

Emmanuel has always been very academic and we knew that he would thrive at university but when he first showed us his list of modules we started to worry how on earth he would have time to study so many different subjects. Each semester he takes 8 modules which range from core skills such as ‘Aspects of Language Skills’ to degree specific specialisms ‘Economic Statistics (1, 2 & 3)’. Over the course of his degree he will study more than 60 modules and he is expected to obtain at least a D in every module in order to pass. To date he has been very successful getting a good number of As and Bs in a wide range of areas.

Emmanuel in a lecture theatre ready to learn
Emmanuel in a lecture theatre ready to learn

Emmanuel is spending the vast majority of his time studying but he does have a little time off to spend with friends. On a Sunday he attends a local church and he has started to learn how to roller skate!

Emmanuel learning to roller skate
Emmanuel learning to roller skate

We are very proud of Emmanuel, he is a real inspiration to the other children on the Milele programme and shows that with enough hard work anything is possible!