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Climbing Snowdon – We did it!

Hi All,

I’m very glad to report that following Lucas and Imogen’s amazing climb, yesterday another 13 Milele volunteers have made it to the summit of Snowdon!

We walked 14.8 km and took a little over 6.5 hours including breaks for eating food and taking photos. Luckily the rain held off but the wind was very strong with 50 MPH gusts at the summit.

The Milele Mountain Climbers
The Milele Mountain Climbers

Our route took us through 14km of absolutely beautiful terrain  slowly climbing to the maximum height of 1085m. There were lots of pretty tricky spots which caused a bit of trouble but we managed to support everyone to make it right to the top!

Snowdon Route
Our Snowdon Route

Huge thanks to all of the volunteers for their amazing hard work climbing and fundraising!

We’ll be collecting sponsorship money over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for the grand total but it’s not too late to donate! Please head over to our donations page to give big or small and help us support some amazing children to do some amazing things.



Climbing Snowdon

Hi All,

We have a group of good friends who we met many years ago whilst doing youth work in Leicestershire. Over time we have been scattered across the UK for university and work but we still meet up when we find an elusive time when we are all free. After we have finished catching up and eating dinner we get onto the topic of Milele. Over the years we have discussed many of the big issues, talked about the direction of Milele and ran a few fundraisers. (See the CPR Marathon)

Last time we met up, someone (who will remain nameless) thought it would be a good idea to suggest a new idea for a fundraiser… Climbing Snowdon!

Yes… That Snowdon

The bright spark who suggested the idea is a bit of a mountain goat but the rest of us are really inexperienced with this kind of thing. In addition Amy is somewhat terrified of heights and Chloe has a habit of dislocating her limbs both of which might create a few challenges!

We have a donations page and any contributions would be greatly appreciated! Anything you donate will go towards helping us support an amazing young girl through an incredibly hard part of her life.

We will be climbing on the 6th of June so providing I haven’t fallen off I’ll post some photos from the top afterwards.

Diving with Sharks… Only for the brave!

At the end of February one of our (extremely brave) sponsors and a good friend of mine, Fae Vincent, will be doing a shark dive to raise money for Milele!

Fae Vincent
Fae Vincent

She is braving cold water in Edinburgh sea life centre and jumping in with over 60 different species of shark, including one in particular which is pretty dangerous in the wild… you certainly wouldn’t want to bump into one of those on a dark night!

Fae visited Mtwapa herself with me on my very first ever trip back in 2007, where she volunteered at Mtwapa Academy, worked to distribute lots of toys and to help lots of children. She has had a really close link with the children out there ever since and now also sponsors one of our own children, little Saidi. On top of all this Fae is keen to do more to help children in Kenya and is now doing a shark dive to raise some money.

Fae has a target to reach of £450… if we can reach this figure then Milele will receive an additional £155 donation! So we are really working hard to hit this target! If you are reading this and you would like to dig deep and support Fae in her plans then you can donate now!




100% of everything you give goes to Milele. Anything at all you can spare will really help us to reach our target and bag that extra donation! Thank-you!


Blackpool to Brighton on a Bike – The Total

Hi All,

I’d just like to say a massive thank you for everyone who donated to, advertised and helped with the cycle. It has surpassed all of our wildest expectations and we now had chance to gather most of the money together (if you have any more please contact us to find out how to donate) and wait for the gift aid to trickle in.

We managed to raise more than:


This means that when we go back to Kenya at the end of this week we will be able to sponsor another child! I cannot thank everyone enough for your generousity.

A special thanks really needs to go to Tomo and Andy for their cycling and fundraising efforts, there is no way I could have ever done it without you! This has been one of our best ever fundraising events and I can only say thanks so, so, so much to every one who helped in any way!

Thanks again,


Blackpool to Brighton on a Bike… Update 4

Hi All,

So we have some amazing news, a lovely hotelier from Blackpool has offered to provide a hotel room for the night before the massive 300 mile cycle! Ashcroft Bed and Breakfast have been so amazing and provided us a room for the night. If you happen to be going to Blackpool anytime soon, please check them out.

We would like to say a really big thank you to all at Ashcroft for their generosity!


We have now been offered a hotel room for the 1st night of our trip! The Queens Head Hotel in Congleton have been so amazing and we now have all of the rooms sorted for the whole trip! Now just the small challenge of the cycle to tackle now!

Rich and Amy

Blackpool to Brighton on a Bike… Update 3

Hello All,

So training is going well, this weekend I tackled 65.5 miles of Leicestershire’s finest country roads. Making a complete loop around the city, with just a small detour into the outskirts at times! Overall it went quite well and we managed to complete the loop in 5 hours 40 minutes. This challenge is starting to seem as if it may be possible but we have a little way to go yet!

Hopefully next weekend I will be able to hit 80 miles in a day, which will be the real test!

Anyway, just a short update for those who are interested.


Blackpool to Brighton on a Bike… Update 2

Hello All,

I thought now may be a good point to put a little update on the blog about our plans for the Blackpool to Brighton cycle.

So it goes without saying that I have been training with some vague hope of increasing my level of fitness and stamina. Over the past few weeks I have covered about 200 miles on the road and 60 miles on a exercise bike. By far the hardest route I have covered so far was 47.6 miles and took in the local ‘beauty spot’ of Ditchling Beacon which is known to cyclists in the Brighton area to be a rather tough hill which climbs 176m over 1.8km with the steepest point being a 16.4% climb. I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks to push my one day mileage to 80 miles which is what we will be aiming for on our final trip!

We are looking for people or businesses to help with our fundraising effort, we really need to find some accommodation in both Blackpool on the 27th of July and Stoke on Trent on the 28th of July. If you have any connections in either of these places who may be able to help us please email us and let us know.

Remember that you can find us on Facebook (Search ‘Milele’) and Twitter (@MileleCharity) where we will be posting all the information about our fundraising trip. Finally you can now donate to Milele and sponsor our cycle via our text donation system; text ‘FUND22‘ followed by £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to 70070.

Thanks for Reading

Event: Dafydd Mann and the Elves

Dafydd Mann, from the recent television series ‘Autistic Superstars’ presents a Christmas music event “Dafydd Mann and the Elves” in aid of the charity ‘Milele’.

The event will be held at Sapcote working men’s club on the 8th of December at 7 pm and will be a night of music through the ages performed live for this fantastic cause.

If you’re free on the 8th of December it would be great if you could come along to hear some great music and help raise some funds for Milele!