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Rieder’s Monthly Updates for September

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our monthly updates.We really pass our thanks to everybody who has contributed towards Milele program no matter how little or small it was but we really appreciate your effort and it has helped someone and you will be blessed.

Recently we have been working with Agnes with the books at Royal Academy thus making sure they are in good use. As well to all other project which received the books have adapted the same idea. This idea has really helped the kids to know how to read at a very young age.

We also visited some of the family’s of the children who received mosquito net and it was really amazing to see how the parents appreciated your donation hence you have save a future leader from malaria.

Currently we started small projects for our sponsored kids family’s who are not able to take care for themselves yet.  We have chicken project and fire wood business which will help them earn a living.

Our sponsored kids plus the new ones are really doing good work in school and all this happened because of your support  we thank you for your support.


Hello everyone,welcome to our monthly updates.

We are indeed thankful to Milele organization for making things happen in a good way.
I would like also to acknowledge the sponsors for their good work towards Milele organization.
This month our sponsored children,have been really working hard to improve their grades in this Month exams.
We have high expectation for them to do better than in last month exam.
I also got a chance to visit our senior boy at Malindi High School.Whereby we discussed his performance with several teachers.
We also bought some set books for him on which he will be examined on during his final exam.
He is also doing well,he has to put more effort in improving his grades.Things are becoming more challenging for all the students at his level.
He is focused and knows that, to pass with good grades he must put extra effort in school work to achieve his goals.
The uniform checking it has been a big competition and very difficult to get the best pupil who maintained hes / her uniform the best. its like if all of them have emerged to be winner, which makes it difficult to reward them all!
We pass our gratitude to all the sponsors and well wishers who value the life of a child, God will value your life more.
Thank you all.



Welcome to our monthly updates for this month.It has been the longest month full of activities of our sponsored children who have started a new term in new classes.They all had a good happy new year and as well are all back in school in good shape and in healthy conditions.
We say thanks to all the sponsors for making everything happen in a good way. As for this month we have been doing some payments of school fees, buying some books and other school materials for the children.
we have also tried to visit some of the kids we gave them the Mosquito nets to see weather they have been using the mosquito nets you donated to the kids.
They have been in use and have so far helped most of the family’s the parents are really thankfully for your concern towards their kids. also the community at large they are happy from what they received from you.
Our sponsored children are are doing well but things have been a little bit harder in their new classes. They have in fact done their first exam but they have all dropped some marks compared to the previous exam.
This is due to their new things they have tackled in the new classes before.we are hope full they will improve their marks. they have realized they need to work hard to get better grades. our senior boy he is also doing well.


The little voices


everybody i am really happy to have this opportunity once again to give you the latest news as they happen here.For this month of october i have been visiting some of the programmes like bethel where the kids are very happy to have a new teacher.i would like to thank you all for your contribution towards this programme.The visit made by Amy ,Helena,Faye,Thomas and Rich was a good one. they really did something special to make the less fortunate and needy young kids have a simile and good voices as they attend school.This was possible because you joined hands together and contributed towards it.

Our sponsored students have been doing great in their studies.They did an exam where they performed well and hoping the new ones will register good results come next exam.You have motivated them a lot so they are working extra harder for now.The teacher at Bethel she has been doing greet and happy to work at Bethel.You have really extended the kids opportunity of having a brighter future ahead by employment of the teacher who is also qualified at her work.As for now life is full of beginning and many beginning are difficult without quality education.

May you all be blessed by almighty for such kind heart for needy kids.

Monthly update for June

Hello! everyone,

welcome to our june updates from Kenya.

Actually as for this month our boys they have been on their half term,after along period of school work and exams.
As for our senior boy he is realy thankful for having the revision books he needed and hopes to score good grades come the end of the term.
The family members have also tried to visit our boys to know how they are copying with school cause they have not visited them for quite some time now.
Honestly they are happy with the kind of work you have been doing for them.
They have also started end of month exam which is underway right now.we hope they will improve in their marks in general.


Febuary Updates from Mtwapa


Welcome to the Feburary update.

As for this month we managed to pay school fees for our senior boy at Malindi high school. I would like to say that every time we remember to say “thank you” we experience nothing less than heaven on earth. You are really doing a greet work for the program so far. Our boys also did their end of feb exam whereby hard work pays Safari bounced back in position one beating Kaingu and the most challenging girl in there class. Kaingu took position three but they have really improved from the last exam. Charo class four took position one while Emmanuel took position three.

We thank you for your kindness cause is worth more than the grandest intentions.
Thanks alot your Rieder.

Rieder’s January Update

Hi everybody!

Welcome to the 2011 January update from Kenya. For this month of January I have been buying exercise books for our boys and also i got a channce to visit our senior boy at Malindi high school.

They all had exam towards the end of January whereby it was their first test for them in new classes.They all did well their level best in their exams. For the first time Kaingu managed to beat hes serious brother Safari! Kaingu was in position two while Safari took position three. Charo and Emmanuel both lead there respective classes.This shows that they are doing a great work in their studies.

Thanks a lot,


New Sponsorship Co-ordinator!

We are very pleased to announce that we have a brand new sponsorship co-ordinator who has agreed to work with us on a part time basis to ensure the boys are always healthy and happy, to keep us up to date with their progress at school, to help the children and their sponsors to communicate effectively and to arrange payment of the childrens school fees, uniforms and school lunches.
Rieder is 22 years old and lives nearby in Mtwapa. He is also the librarian at Mtwapa Academy, and is devoted to this job, working every day to make sure the children at the school get the most out of the library. He has been dedicated, reliable and dependable in this role, demonstrating really touching care and love for the children he works with and spending extra time, far beyond the call of duty, tutoring those who are falling behind in lessons.
We are very pleased and excited that he has taken up our offer of working with Milele and are sure he is going to develop with us and be a huge asset to the programme.