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Hi Everyone!

If you are reading this – I know you already care about Milele. I know you are already one of our lovely and wonderful supporters – THANK-YOU for all your help and donations over the years!

We are currently looking for sponsors, so if you are already a sponsor with us please have a think – is there someone else you know who might also enjoy being one?

If you’re not currently sponsoring and you’ve always wanted to – NOW is the moment!!!

If you know of a way or have a good idea of how we can recruit new sponsors to our fabulous Milele Team – please get in touch we would love to hear from you.

We can give you leaflets to leave out at work, or pop through the doors of your neighbours, or generally hand around to anyone who might be interested!

Sponsorship costs £90 per year and includes education, food and healthcare for a child in Kenya.

We have between 4 and 5 sponsors per child, so it truly is an opportunity to develop a very close and special relationship if you would like to write, send and receive photos or even visit your sponsored child.

All our sponsored children would have been unable to access a good level of education without the help of people like you who are kind enough to care about someone on the other side of the world.

Thanks so much for reading and once again for all your help – it makes such a difference.

Amy x

Diving with Sharks… Only for the brave!

At the end of February one of our (extremely brave) sponsors and a good friend of mine, Fae Vincent, will be doing a shark dive to raise money for Milele!

Fae Vincent
Fae Vincent

She is braving cold water in Edinburgh sea life centre and jumping in with over 60 different species of shark, including one in particular which is pretty dangerous in the wild… you certainly wouldn’t want to bump into one of those on a dark night!

Fae visited Mtwapa herself with me on my very first ever trip back in 2007, where she volunteered at Mtwapa Academy, worked to distribute lots of toys and to help lots of children. She has had a really close link with the children out there ever since and now also sponsors one of our own children, little Saidi. On top of all this Fae is keen to do more to help children in Kenya and is now doing a shark dive to raise some money.

Fae has a target to reach of £450… if we can reach this figure then Milele will receive an additional £155 donation! So we are really working hard to hit this target! If you are reading this and you would like to dig deep and support Fae in her plans then you can donate now!




100% of everything you give goes to Milele. Anything at all you can spare will really help us to reach our target and bag that extra donation! Thank-you!


A treat trip to Nakumatt for our boys!

Smiling boys with bulging bags!
Smiling boys with bulging bags!

Thanks to one of our sponsors who sent across £20, all four boys Charo, Safari, Kaingu and Emmanuel had the opportunity to visit the local supermarket and choose their own gifts!

They had an amazing time since just visiting such a posh shop was a big treat for them. They all dressed up in their best finery to go, and were so in awe of the building itself that they almost forgot they were able to buy things as well!! They chose such lovely things to buy, such as shoe polish and shoe brushes as well as fizzy drinks, sweets, biscuits and cakes! We got a great photograph of them for you with big smiles and bulging bags!

Thank-you once again to this sponsor for giving them such a great experience.