Milele is a small charity dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for children in Kenya who need them the most. Milele is passionate about facilitating choice, to empower these children to take control of their own lives and destinies, and shape their own futures.

Milele believes that:

  • Education provides opportunities for children, families and communities to build their own lives and futures
  • All children should have access to quality education as a basic right
    Sponsorship is an appropriate and secure way of providing access to learning for children who need it most
  • Education provided should always be accessible and practical, and should be based at existing schools and institutions in order to support grassroots organisations in the local community to grow and develop
  • All children should have access to basic healthcare provision and vaccinations to protect them from disease
  • All children should have enough nutritious food to maintain a healthy diet

Milele’s approach is that:

  • Communication is a vital aspect of any sponsorship programme. Enough appropriate channels must be put into place to facilitate good links between Milele’s base in England and individuals in Kenya.
  • Honesty and transparency from all groups and individuals forms a strong and secure foundation for the future. Milele will always be open in its operations, and will put strategies in place to promote clarity throughout the programme.
  • Security and long term sustainability is crucial in the provision of aid. Milele is structured in such a way that every child who is taken onto the programme is backed by funds to secure their full education throughout primary and secondary schooling.
  • Being welcoming and approachable to all individuals is essential. Milele is happy to receive help and will support anyone willing to volunteer in finding an avenue appropriate for them to do so.
  • Self evaluation and learning are indispensable in the ongoing development of Milele. We are learning all the time and are keen to receive comments which will help us to improve.