Andy's first web update!

This is only my second trip to Africa; I had a two-week holiday to Morocco in July 1980.  The first thing that strikes you (after the heat) is the friendliness of the people.  Not in a mercenary way – they just don’t seem to be stressed (although they have a right to be!).  The young kids are thrilled to see a white face and yell “Jambo!” with a wave when they see you. Central Mtwapa is full-on noise and bustle everywhere.  The single-carriageway main road is busy with lorries, cars, matatus (minibuses) and boda-bodas (motor bikes) constantly striving to widen it.  The boda-bodas are 125cc motor bikes.  I read the make as Had-jin, and my advice is to take some before getting on!  These little things carry heroic loads.  It is not unusual to see a family of four – mum, dad & two kids – spread from petrol tank to rear parcel rack, more of these sights to follow.

fitting four people on a motorbike!

We have been visiting schools, childrens’ homes, a feeding programme and also individual homes.  These people are cheerful and hard-working.

I have never before seen for myself lives being improved and lives being saved.  Milele is doing fantastic work out here and you should be proud of yourselves for playing your part.