Donated Items – Mbazi and Bethel

Hi All, As some of you know we managed to take a lot of clothes and shoes out to Kenya this time. So one of the big jobs we have had was to distribute all of those items to people in the local area.LookAtOurNewClothes

We first took our heavy cases to Mbazi Community Group, who help children in the Gorafani area. When we got to the group there were only a few children there but this soon changed. We managed to give out lots and lots of items including a handful of Arsenal shirts to some extremely grateful children. In total we gave out 125 items to about 50 children.

TatuDressOn Friday we took the remaining items to Bethel Children’s Care Centre. We arrived in style with a number of cases stacked on the back of motorbikes; the only problem was that one ran out of petrol on the way! Never the less we made it at about 8:00am and started to distribute clothes to the 80 children who regularly attend. When we had finished kitting out almost all of the children with shoes and every single child with clothes we still had quite a lot left over, so we decided to see if they had any brothers and sisters who wanted anything. Some of the children ran home and the word soon spread. SmartVestWithin minutes of sending the children we had a large crowd forming. We brought small groups of children into the compound and gave them clothes, shoes or both. This carried on until about 3:30 in the afternoon. When we finally ran out about 200 children had received something, making our total this time about 250 children who have been touched by your donations.TomoImressedWithHisStyle

Thanks so much to all who have donated! There are always more children who need shoes and clothes so please keep the donations coming and we’ll keep giving it out! LittleMan

Hope you enjoy all the smiling kids in the photos! Rich and Amy