Faye and Tomo's First Blog Post

Jambo! Hey All! It’s our 6th day here in Kenya, well Mtwapa, and it’s awesome so far. Already met the kids at Mtwapa Academy and Bethel (local schools), taught a few lessons and visited parts of the town to see what’s going on. Word of warning; if you ever visit here be prepared to hear around 1,000,029 ‘Jambo’s’ (the Swahili word for hello) a day just by walking around. At first we felt like a celebrity but now we’ve gotten used to it.

Teaching has been amazing. Still haven’t gotten used to being bombarded with ‘TEACHER TEACHER!’ every time they know the answer, want a picture or see you have something new and exciting. One thing that is incredible here is that the kids are desperate for approval! They are like addicts for the red marker pen. Having only met the kids a few times we can already tell it’s going to be tough to leave at the end of September and if we don’t cry at the end we will be the most heartless people on the planet.

We’ve constantly got the childrens songs stuck into our heads. They will sing and dance for anything and those who know Tomo know that he is the same; it’s like heaven for him. We’ll be posting some videos of the kids singing as soon as, so look forward to those gems.

Tomorrow (Saturday 10th September) we’re going to be giving out clothes and shoes at Mbazi and we can’t wait, particularly Tomo and I, because it’s our first time and we’re excited to see the smile we put on those kids faces to receive something as simple as a new top, a hat or some shoes.

We’ll keep you posted as the days go by. Kwaheri!