Libby's first week in Kenya

Hello I’m Libby I am a volunteer on the Milele Kenya trip.  To start off my trip we travelled here by aeroplane, this wasn’t the most simplest of trips I’ve made. We had to stop off at Cairo for a man who took ill, this delayed us by 3 hours unfortunately, we then missed our connecting flight but on the bright side the man got to hospital all ok. When we arrived at the airport we were told the next flight wasn’t for 2 days so we had to stay at hotel. Travelling to the hotel, we found they’d printed our tickets wrong so we were on the flight which left only a few hours later, but being positive of the little time we took it to freshen up and have a nice hot shower ready to get down to it! As our bad luck as going we knew there was something ready to strike. Yep there was… our shower/bath had broke! We then had to move rooms just to have a shower. A few hours later we were ready to leave the hotel at 4am, when we got to the waiting area of our transport it hadn’t arrived. People began to get more stressed and panic that they’d miss their flight again! Finally as we arrived at the air port with 6 cases and 2 hand luggage bags between us, we found that we weren’t on the flight we were meant but a flight a few hours later. Yet again our trip to Kenya trip was being delayed! Eventually we arrived in Mombassa greeted by Rieder, sponsor coordinator for Milele and Moses, a close friend. From then the journey began to Mtwapa. The drive was so hot and humid but it went fairly quick. Arriving at our home was a blessing; we were finally here after all the messing about! We are staying with the director of a local school called ‘Mtwapa Acdamy’ and her family; so overall there are 11 of us! We were directed to our bedroom which was a complete surprise they had made beds for us with mosquito nets hanging over both our beds and they had kindly supplied us with tooth brushes, tooth paste, mirror, hair brush and a comb.

The days from our arrival have been busy. So far we have visited local schools of which are all in need of help and support. Some didn’t have resources such as desks, pens and books. Others couldn’t afford to pay the teachers. Seeing schools like this compared to ours in the uk was a big shock! There was no big concrete building and heating or air con it was as basic and basic could be! The students there were all clearly every poor with no shoes or rags for clothing but this didn’t stop then turning up to school every day. Education to these children was evidently the most important thing in their lives.

We got the opportunity to view some local houses from students attending one of the schools as mosquito nets and food parcels were handed out to around 60 houses. The houses were often small and cramped with people sleeping on the floor and cooking resources next to a children’s bed! It was all one big hazard but these people don’t have a choice.

Since we’ve been in Kenya we have spent a lot of time with students from ‘Mtwapa Academy’ this was the first official school I ever went to in Kenya and it was a pleasure. We were greeted by singing, dancing, karate, acrobatics and poems it was such a warm welcome. ‘Mtwapa Academy’ is a private school from KG1 to SD8 they have many classrooms all decent sizes, toilets, kitchen (with a feeding programme) a library and offices for the head teacher and director. All the students at this school strive to achieve their best and most of all they all do it with a big friendly smile! I’ve found education is so different from the way I’ve had education so far, for example they start school at 6.30 and finish at 6.30, they have a 1hour 20minute lunch and they have core revision after school for the higher years in the school. 

There are still many days left and our list of things to do is still long. Our plans for the rest of the trip is to find 2-3 more children to sponsor, distribute the books that were donates to Milele, help the jcc group (who are also visiting at the same time) hand out clothes and shoes to the children in the local schools, offer our help and support to those students who are struggling at ‘Mtwapa Academy’, visit Riziki and Takaungu to take the 4 sponsored boys to see their sisters. No doubt there will be a 100 other things we have to do!

My experience in Kenya so far is good, not only have we have got a lot done but I’ve been able to see and experience the way life is for people living in Kenya. I’ve travelled on motorbikes through the side streets; I’ve helped prepare food, wash up, help clean clothes and stayed in a home with no running water and no electricity. I’ve also not had my normal luxuries like my phone, laptop, big double bed, hot water and my normal food and my favourites like Nutella! My biggest task in Kenya is being away from the people I love. Every day it’s a challenge I have to face not being able to wake up to those every day faces or have theses morning conversations. I’m not going to say I don’t miss home because I do but I am also enjoying Kenya no matter how different it is I can feel that already I’m becoming a better person and I know completely realise how lucky I am. I just wish that for one day all those selfish people could come and see how the poor innocent people have to live everyday!

Thank you for reading I hope  you are all ok and I look forward to seeing you all soon!