Mtwapa September 2011 - Update 2

Hi All, We have been really busy since we got here but we have finally found time to get a proper blog post up. We are really happy that we can first tell you all that Charo, Kaingu, Safari and Emmanuel are all doing really great! We also managed to meet Emmanuel Kai before he had to head back to his school that he is performing very well! He managed to score over 90% in Business Studies and came third in his year for Biology. We are so proud of all of our boys and hopefully all of their sponsors are too!

Kindergarten 1 at Bethel Childrens Care Centre

After our first few days of visiting, planning and sorting we have finally got stuck in to some project work. On Wednesday we visited Bethel with ideas of having a good talk with Elizabeth only to find that she had plans to go into town and was hoping that we could run the classes for the morning! So we had zero planning time and had to come up with a ‘syllabus’ on the spot. Luckily we had a few youth work games to fall back on whilst we thought of what else we could do with the children for the day. Faye also had a great idea of slightly modifying the chorus of ‘The Macarana’ to include the numbers 1 to 10 and teaching it to the kids. I think we have inadvertently created a new craze in Mtomondoni!

Bethel singing and dancing with an orchestra of drums, bells and recorders!

After the morning we travelled back to have lunch and then went to see a brand new school! The school in question is called ‘Mtwapa Royal Academy’ (catering for the large monarchy market in Mtwapa). We had a look around and it seems really nice. The founder (Bosco) is a teacher by training and has set up the school to try and help the children in a quiet area of Mtwapa. So far the school has just a few classes but it is hoping to grow. We’ll keep you posted with how the school is progressing.

On Thursday we spent the whole day at Mtwapa Academy and started identifying the children who are struggling and work out how we can help them improve their grades. We also taught a couple of lessons of English and Maths with the classes who are struggling as a whole. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks we can help those children who are behind to catch up a little and this can raise their final grades.

Teaching at Mtwapa Academy

We have been so busy over the last few days but that was taken to a whole new level on friday. We went to Bethel Children’s Care Centre to teach all of the 6 classes with just 5 of us! The children are so amazing and seem very clever for their age. The children in Kidergarten class 2 (about 4 years in age) are already starting to learn division!

Faye took the large baby class, this basically meant that she had to think of a new activity every 5 minutes and did a lot of singing. Helena and I took the largest class (KG1); we started with some English spelling and sentances before moving onto maths in the afternoon. Finally Tomo and Amy took KG 2, KG 3, STD 1 and STD 2. They did lots of spelling games, writing and also taught them ‘In the Jungle’ (apparently to teach the children the word ‘sleeps’). We spent all day at the school and by the end we were more tired than the children!

On Saturday we are going to Mbazi to distribute the clothes, shoes and other items which we have brought with us. It should be a really busy day as we have been told to expect around 130 children!

New Clothes at Mbazi

Karate Kid

Thanks for the new football shirt! Tomo is impressed with the choice of team!

I’ve included some photos from our days at the project which I hope you all like.

Hopefully we will be able to post again soon! Rich and Amy