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New Volunteer in Mtwapa

Billy Reed, our new volunteer in Kenya! We are all preparing to have a Milele volunteer in Kenya! Billy Reed is going out on the 31st of August and will be staying for four months in Mtwapa town with a host family who can’t wait to welcome him into their home! Whilst he is there, Billy has volunteered to work with some of the local community initiatives which Milele has set up links with, as well as working on a brand new newsletter for us with contributions directly from some of the children, parents and teachers out in Kenya, as well as regular updates from Rieder, our new sponsorship co-ordinator. Billy plans to spend some time with the Mbazi group— a community association which runs a nursery school for small children and a feeding programme at the weekend— as well as visiting Bethel Children’s Centre— a kindergarten taking care of children from needy families, orphans and those diagnosed HIV positive. Billy also hopes to work with the HIV community officers in this area to put together an educational, myth-busting awareness talk about HIV/AIDs to present to schools, youth and community groups. Everyone is extremely excited to meet Billy, children and adults alike are excitedly awaiting his arrival and we are sure he will receive a fantastic welcome from everyone and have a fantastic experience. All of his plans sound extremely exciting and we are looking forward to keeping abreast of all his progress as the months go by. Rest assured that we will keep you updated on this blog as he enjoys his time in Kenya. We are sure he will contribute brilliantly to the groups he is working with and will doubtless be an extremely valuable asset working with us in Kenya.