Our Mission:


Milele is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for children in Kenya, giving them choices about their future. 

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Our Mission Statement

Milele is a small charity dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for children in Kenya who need them the most. Milele is passionate about facilitating choice, to empower these children to take control of their own lives and destinies, and shape their own futures.

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Milele's primary goal is to support children to access high quality education and enable choices in their lives. Alongside school fees we provide school lunches, both preventative and emergency healthcare as well as mentorship and emotional support.



primary school

Milele has supported 19 children to attend high quality primary schools across the Coast Province of Kenya

Current Students: 11



secondary school

Milele has supported 8 children to attend high quality secondary schools right across Kenya

Current Students: 6




Milele has supported 2 students to attend high quality colleges

Current Students: 1



Milele has supported 1 student to attend the world class University of Nairobi.

Current Students: 1


The Wider Community

Milele has provided support to hundreds of families through the targeted distribution of mosquito nets, food parcels and business startup grants. These interventions help families recover from difficulties, prevent new problems occurring and become more self sufficient for the future.


Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets save lives. Sleeping under a net significantly reduces the chance of mosquito bites and malaria transmission.




Food Parcels

Each food parcel contains around 1 weeks worth of basic food for a family of 4. A food parcel gives a struggling family time to recover from financial difficulties and the strength to work.




Business Grants

A modest business grant of around £60 can be enough to get a small business off the ground and be the start of a more sustainable future.


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Our Team

Milele is supported by a dedicated team of people from Kenya and the UK.

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Milele needs your help to keep doing what we do. We are always on the lookout for new sponsors, donors and volunteers so please get in touch.



We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us keep our programmes running


Help us to pay for a child's education and change their life forever      


One off donations help us take on new children, run additional projects such as business grants and provide extra curricular activities