Milele began after a visit to Kenya in July 2007. Whilst there, we met so many inspiring children with the enthusiasm and determination to succeed but with little chance to achieve their dreams simply because they couldn't afford to go to school. 

This led to the foundation of Milele in September 2008


Milele believes that any help provided should have a long term impact. In order to ensure this, we raise a fund for each child before they are taken onto the programme. This allows Milele to react quickly in emergencies and ensure that any child that starts their primary education with Milele is able to complete it, no matter what happens.

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In the lead up to 2011 we held a number of fundraisers and had enough money to add 3 new girls to our programme and take on Rieder as our Kenya coordinator.

Community Support

In addition to sponsorship we have partnered with local community schools to provide much needed resources to children in the area. 

We launched the Christmas gifts programme, through which each year in December you can donate and buy a gift such as a life saving mosquito net or a food parcel for a family in Kenya who desperately need them.

Finally, Milele ran a Teaching Project from 2011 to 2014 which funded a fully qualified teacher to work at a community school in Kenya, supporting children from single parent families, orphans and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Business Grants

As we grew, we found that even with sponsorship many of the children still faced hardship at home. To help resolve this we started to offer small business grants to enable families to become more financially stable. 

Business grants have helped to start up many successful businesses in the area ranging from catering businesses (fish, breakfast snacks, boiled eggs) to livestock (chicken, goats and cows) to sales (materials, charcoal, phone battery charging). 

Following the successful trial of this programme with sponsored families we started making grants available to families in the local community which has also led to a number of successful businesses.

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Our Team

Milele is supported by a dedicated team of people from Kenya and the UK.

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