Sponsors Event Roundup

Ahead of the big 10th Anniversary Ball next Saturday Emily (one of Milele's wonderful trustees) thought it would be a nice idea to have a more informal event for sponsors to be able to meet up with Rieder and hear about how their sponsored children are getting on over in Kenya. So we hired Leire village hall, baked some cake and invited sponsors along to meet Rieder and get a sneak preview of the photo boards being prepared for the ball.


The event was a big success with lots of sponsors who are unable to make the ball getting to meet Rieder for the first time . Rieder was able to regale stories about the children and tell their sponsors just what a difference they are making. When he returns to Kenya he'll be able to tell the children how kind their sponsors are and how passionate they are about education.


It was wonderful to see Rieder come into his own whilst interacting with the sponsors during the event. His confidence has grown immensely over the course of his trip and he was also able to share with sponsors more about his role & responsibilities in Kenya, which enabled them to understand just how vital his role is to Milele.


We're now back into ball preparation mode and putting the finishing touches on what is set to be a great evening for all involved.

Don't forget to check out our star auction item and make sure to tell anyone you know who us going to Kenya (or nearby) before October 2019 as you can bit even if you're not there on the night.

See you on Saturday!