Blackpool to Brighton on a bike... The cycle draws closer!

Hey all, So it is all a bit more real now, after spending the past few days printing about 30 A4 pages of maps, counting the calories in foods and packing very, very lightly! It is really supprising how quickly things build up and before long you realise that you are planning on carrying an obsene amount of stuff. I have just about managed to narrow down the items I plan to take to the truely essential stuff but there is still quite alot and it weighs lots too. We have been really lucky to get free beds for every night of the mammoth journey and have had lots of amazing people donating. If you haven't already donated we would be really greatful if you would and the money is going to a really great cause.

Text 'FUND22' followed by £3, £5 or £10 to 70070. e.g. 'FUND22 £5'

We have now got everything in place and the only thing left is to actually cycle the 330 miles...

Whilst Cycling we will of course be updating this blog but we are also using twitter as well so please follow us @MileleCharity

We have also just had a generous donation from the Hinckley and Rugby Building Society. If you are currently in need of a building society please consider them.