Gifts for the boys!

Kaingu reading his letter from Uta; one of his sponsors The four sponsored boys Charo, Safari, Kaingu and Emmanuel received their letters and presents from their sponsors yesterday. Rarely has there ever been a more excited and happy group of children! They felt truly special and the attention was all on them for the first time ever!

We gave each boy a bag with all their presents and letters inside it, and they meandered calmly to the door to open them all up...then as soon as they thought they were out of sight ran and jumped all the way to the table!

Each of them was thrilled and opened their presents in their own way; Charo smiling to himself and carefully examining each item individually. Taking in every detail of the letter slowly; taking the lids off each and every pen to get a better look at them!

Safari ripped open the bag, grinning excitedly then quickly got everything out and spread it all out to see, picking up first one thing then the next; then sitting down to read his letters carefully.

Safari reading his letter from the PreSchool Playstation; one of his sponsors

Kaingu sat quietly on the chair to open his package, smiling secretly to himself, his face splitting into the occasional grin; then becoming super-cool again as soon he caught sight of you looking!

Charo proudly showing us all his presents

Emmanuel opened his blackboard first and just played with that, forgetting there was anything else! Then going back to the bag as if remembering that there was more, taking out another thing and once again getting carried away playing with that!!

By the time they had all opened their presents and read their letters they were proud as punch to have all these people wanting to sponsor them... I got the impression Charo couldn’t quite believe it!!!! We took lots of photos to try to capture the moments for you, and we really hope you enjoy them.

Once again thank-you so, so much to everyone who sent  letters or presents to the boys. It was so lovely to be able to show them how much other people care about them; an experience they have not been very familiar with so far in their lives.

Emmanuel practising his writing skills on his new blackboard!

I am sure your replies will be really nice, we are hoping to help them write all their letters sometime next week so we can bring them all back to you.