Josephine - a new sponsored child

Hello, We thought it was high time to introduce our third sponsored child of the trip; Josephine.

Josephine is currently in Standard 7 at Mtwapa Academy and is now the eldest girl on the programme at 14 years old.

Josephine (centre) with her mum (left) and aunt

Joesphine is a friendly and chatty girl who lives with her mum in a Swahili house in central Mtwapa. Josephine comes from a single parent family since her father abandoned them some years ago.

Swahili houses are concrete built constructions which comprise a long central corridor with rooms off it. Rooms can then be rented individually and toilet facilities are shared with other neighbours in the building. Josephine's mum is renting a room in this house for herself, Josephine and Josephine's little brother (currently in Kindergarten school).

Her mum works making tea and selling it by the cup to local shopkeepers throughout the day. One cup of tea can fetch ten shillings (around 7 pence) and she could perhaps sell a maximum of 20 cups in a day, giving the family a very small income to live on.


Sponsorship through Milele means Josephine will have all ther school requirements including fees, uniforms and textbooks as well as receiving a balanced diet at school and having hygiene equipment and healthcare provided for her, relieving a major financial burden from her mother.

Josephine is now concentrating on improving her school grades now that she has all the equipment she needs in preparation for her standard 8 examinations next year.

We are currently looking for sponsors for Josephine and the other new sponsored children. Sponsorship costs £75 a year and each child is allocated 4 sponsors who provide for them individually and have the opportunity to write letters, exchange photographs and build a really special relationship. If you would like any more information, or are interested in becoming a sponsor with Milele, please get in touch with Amy on 07950329398.

Thanks very much!

Amy and Rich