Hello! and welcome to our monthly updates direct from Kenya. We have been doing greet and everything is well. As for this month being the final month of the term of our pupils at school, they have exams and those who do not perform well must re-take their class. Through milele sponsorship program things have started to brightening up for the needy and poor kids.They are now capable of having the same quality of education as any other pupil in good private schools who serve bettered bread everyday. We have been also conducting weekly uniform checkups on our pupils hence awarding the best pupil .As for this month our best pupil was non other than Gabrel Charo Kadowe.Most clean,and well kept uniforms. He also managed to score higher marks ever in hes best subject which is Mathematics.he score 100 percent and this was a great performance from him. All our pupils have really improved in their marks,and all have been promoted to the next classes we have high hope of all will keep on improving day by day and all are able to achieve better results than what they have done. we also thank all the sponsors for their consistence support and motivation towards this good result from our pupils.I am indeed very happy to say that also the pupils at Bethel have done well according to their performance. our sponsored teacher at Bethel she as done something to be appreciated by all. As we join our hands together from the teacher, guardians,parents and our kids we would like to wish you all a mary christmas and a happy new year. Chao! Rieder.