Hello everyone! welcome to our Monthly updates for this Month of March.As for this Month i got a chance to visit one of the projects (Mbazi Community).at Gorofani.Its really encouraging to see what they have been doing for some time now.The good news is that they have managed to construct four classes for the community children,who have been attending school at Mbazi. Three more classes are still under construction as for now and by the end of next term they would have completed them.The major challenge for them now is school materials such as book ,pens and other materials. We have also transferred our sponsored teacher to a new school from Bethel to Royal academy. We have been working with them for quite some time and they had ashortage of teachers. They are really happy, mostly parents for what Milele Organization has been doing to help the needy kids around that area.i would like to pass their heartily gratitude's to all Milele well wishers,supporters and all sponsors for your support towards them. Our teacher she is also happy to work at Royal Academy.we thank you all for your huge support.