Monthly updates for May.

Hello everyone! congratulations Milele sponsorship program and Old Milly primary school.we would like to pass our heartily gratitude's,to all who contributed towards these may donation.Milele Organization has played a vital role in Kenyan kids in a large impoverished local community around Royal Academy school. Through Milele organization, this Month of May we were able to buy more than forty mosquito nets for the kids of that area.Which we gave them to kids who are 5years and below. It has been raining for all long time now and the rate of Malaria transmission has really gone up.Through milele this kids have been rescued for this killer decease of Malaria. The parents were really happy to see how you care for their kids irrespective of their beliefs,race,lifestyle or status in cardinal value is that all this kids have intrinsic worth to the world and we thank you for your concern to words them. You have saved several future leaders and important leaders in future generation.We also got a chance to educate them on the importance of using Mosquito nets,we do hope that we have helped a larger group of the Community in fighting Malaria. Thanks to each and everyone who contributed towards this Donation.we appreciate your support to words the needy kids.