Old Mac-Donald and his very exotic farm….

Old Mac-Donald has been very busy in kindergartens in Mtomondoni and Mtwapa.  Kids at Victory Academy and Royal Academy aged between 18 months and 10 years have had a fantastic time singing about it all! Check out the video, it's well worth a watch if you think you can stand three million verses of this song!!! Popular animals at Victory include kangaroos and rabbits… basically anything that jumps! My personal favourite are the lions!

Next this brave farmer visited Royal Academy where his farm continued to be a huge success, they even decided to add in some extra spontaneous clapping too! I love the elephants (especially one tall elephant on the back row who got a bit carried away and nearly caused an elephant-related concussion!) Keep your eyes peeled for the little girl on the front row, far left who is looking around her at everyone like they are extremely strange… I’ll have no part in this chaos…!

A huge thank-you especially goes to one sponsor for the special ‘Old MacDonald’ hand puppet that we have donated to Victory Academy, it was so exciting for the kids.

[video width="426" height="240" mp4="http://milele.org.uk/news/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/royal-academy-old-mcdonald_small1.mp4"][/video]