Clothing and Shoes Distribution

On Saturday we distributed lots of clothes and shoes to the children at Royal Academy, their brothers and sisters and some of the local children in the area. We managed to give out to at least 100 children over the day, many of whom had very few clothes and were dressed just in rags or cloth tied around them. They were so excited to receive them and I hope you will enjoy looking at these photos just as much – see if you can spot your donation!

Trouble? Me? Never!

No, this top is definitely not too small... perfect for me!

Im a fairy princess!

drawing a crowd - people waiting outside the school

charity loves her cool new trainers!

bring on the monsoon!

When we went back to Royal the following day to hand out some of the food parcels and saw so many of the clothes being worn in the village - it was really lovely! Clearly they are favourite items already!

Thanks once again to everyone who has donated something!