September Update

Thanks everyone and welcome to this month updates, we are really thank full to everyone who has been supporting us.we are really growing and saving many live of needy and infants in many family's with just buying them a mosquito net. Through Milele program we were able to give out a total of 160 nets to the the village family's who can not be able to access them to prevent their family's from the killer disease of malaria.

As we all know how Malaria has been a big problem especially in African have saved the life of an innocent child,expectant mothers and the family at large.

We really thank all of you for helping save life and may Almighty bless you in all what you will be doing in your life.

After giving out 160 nets we still had a number of  family who have not yet received any its really hurts to say we have no more to give out. we love you all and thanks a lot.

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