Activity Day at New Life Academy

Hello everyone! Our first few days in Mtwapa have been going well. We have been busy visiting schools and catching up with our sponsored kids.

Today we ran an activity day at 'New Life', one of the schools we work with. Despite an early rainstorm making Mtwapa into one huge river, we managed to make it to mtomondoni, absolutely soaked! Incredibly, the resources we had packaged up to take with us mostly survived! So the day went on as planned!

Its a river! Not a road!

The rain!!

We had Rupert the Bear Art Sets from the Old Mill School PTA, butterfly toys to decorate, jigsaws, a few bubbles here and there and lots and lots of painting!



Getting into the jigsaws!

Hand printing is soooo funny!

To finish the day off, every child came and chose a toy of their own to take home - just 225 small toys and games Tracey Hewitt happened to have hanging around spare in the garage!! They have been put to good use!

Just a few things we had in the garage!


The staff at New Life receiving all the new resources

We love our toys!

Enjoy the photos and keep checking the site for more news as the trip goes on!

Amy and Rich