May updates

Hello everyone! welcome to our may updates.As for this month we have been visiting the needy family's and helping them finally start their own businesses. We already have two businesses which are fully running this month i.e we have a hotel business for Emmanuel s family. We also have  Mama Eveline, who is also one of the most needy family and shes now running a business of selling "Leso" to people and even in shops. she has managed to sell the first stock and she is getting started to add a second one for her business.

Our two new sponsored kids  Umi and Edward are also doing well at school. From last month of may exam they did well in their respective classes and were a among top student in their classes. They are really enjoying school and very happy to be part of Milele kids. we say thanks to all Milele sponsors and the directors for their care and concern on this innocent most needy future leaders.

Thank you all for your huge support you have been giving to all milele kids and family's.