Blackpool to Brighton on a Bike - The Total

Hi All, I'd just like to say a massive thank you for everyone who donated to, advertised and helped with the cycle. It has surpassed all of our wildest expectations and we now had chance to gather most of the money together (if you have any more please contact us to find out how to donate) and wait for the gift aid to trickle in.

We managed to raise more than:


This means that when we go back to Kenya at the end of this week we will be able to sponsor another child! I cannot thank everyone enough for your generousity.

A special thanks really needs to go to Tomo and Andy for their cycling and fundraising efforts, there is no way I could have ever done it without you! This has been one of our best ever fundraising events and I can only say thanks so, so, so much to every one who helped in any way!

Thanks again,