Lots of Clothes for Kenya!

We have been busy organising and sorting all the clothes we have had donated to take out to Kenya. In the photo are some of the clothes part of our donations scheme, which takes your unused and unwanted clothes, shoes and toys and gives them to people in Kenya who need them. sorting clothesSo far we have managed to touch more than 800 children with these donations, and they make a really valuable difference, so thank-you very much if your clothes are in this big pile!

The clothes and shoes are all catalogued so that when we hand them out we can send you a photo of your clothes being put to good use! We take out everything we possibly can, but it does not go all together. To avoid charges so we dont waste money we take it in our suitcase a few bags at a time, so please bear with us if you dont get your photo very quickly!

Thanks to MJ and Emily for helping us with the sorting, a good job well done!