Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Hello everyone! First we are sorry for not having written for so long, we are however in the process of trying to prepare some video so we can post that if it is any consolation!  Since we last wrote we have been swept off our feet with bits and bobs to do. We have been fundi again, fixing the hinges on the last broken desks and still none have fallen apart yet, so good news! 

We are also working with the school and some of the parents to identify children who are falling behind in their classes and meeting them individually for some one-on-one tuition to help them improve and increase their confidence. We have also been taking small revision groups as well as full lessons with the eldest class, Standard 8, who are currently preparing for their KCPE exams at the end of this term. 

We did an assembly this morning with a drama and a song based around the theme of working together which the children loved (especially since some of them got to be in it and got a lollipop as a reward!!).

We also took a whole school photo today, which is something the director was really hoping we would be able to do, and Fai continued planning for her surprise extravaganza next week...keep your eyes peeled for more details!!!!

Thanks once again for reading and supporting us!