Posts in Kenya Trip September 2009

During this month of may we have been doing payments of school fees for our boys at Mtwapa Academy,for the second term.They also did their end of term month Exam where by they did well despite coming for a long holiday. They have been in good shape so far through out the whole of last term. As for several weeks now it has been raining heavily and we hope that the Mosquito nets you issued out they have indeed helped them a lot. We know that the nets have been in use since the day were given out to the community.I have been recently in our several projects and they have passed their warm greeting to you. Thank you all. Rieder


We have come to the end of the term one. There is a holiday before us.During most holidays our boys they usually attend their holiday classes "Tuition",which normally takes almost three quaters of their holiday therefore having only one week to stay at home.All our boys did well during end of term one Exam taking the top positions in their respective classes.Although its something which is not unusual to them but it requires consistency and a lot of hard work in their studies.Hence where there is a will there is a way. We also bought revision books for our senior boy at High school so as to keep up hes studies.Indeed for now we have no gift to offer you other than our special hearty gratitude for having and enabling our boys to get all school materials. We also paid extra Tuition for one of our boy at primary level as for others younger boys did not attend .We pass our gratitude to all of you. Thanks Rieder

March Update from Mtwapa

Hello! and welcome to our march updates from Kenya. This month of March has been a good one, mostly to our boys.They have been doing greet at school and so far they are try to out do each other by scoring good marks.

Through sending of cards to them you have motivated their spirit of working hard at school. From us we say thanks to the sponsors who have been sending the cards to our boys. Our senior boy has been doing great this term. When we join our hands together we can make a greeter change and yes we can.

Thanks a lot and be blessed. RIEDER

Thank-you Daffyd...and your elves!

We wanted to say a big thank-you to Daffyd for all his fantastic work organising a brilliant event last wednesday night, and for all the effort he put in before the event gathering support for Milele. Through his hard work an amazing total of £257.32 was raised!

This money will be used as part of the support fund to take on the next child, so thank-you very much to everyone who has donated!