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10 Years of Milele - Celebration Ball

Hi All, Back in 2008 Amy and I founded Milele as a way to help children from difficult backgrounds in Kenya to access high quality education. We were young, naive and optimistic; with the help of our family and friends we managed to scrape together the money we needed to get Milele started and began sponsoring the first 4 boys.

Over time, Milele has grown from our original group of 4 boys to 19 children and whilst our family and friends are still being just as amazing as ever, we have added a wonderful group of new sponsors and supporters who help us to keep Milele going.

We have also been incredibly fortunate to be able to employ Rieder as a full time sponsorship coordinator to manage sponsorship on a day to day basis, provide support to more vulnerable families and make sure we are always doing the best for our sponsored children.

Milele will officially be 10 years old in September 2018 and we would love to get together will all of the people who have helped us over the years to celebrate our collective achievements and raise some money for the exciting years ahead.

Milele 10 year ball invitations
Milele 10 year ball invitations

We have sent out invites to all of our sponsors and supporters (so if you haven't received one please get in touch and we'll arrange for a replacement to be sent) and we would now like to extend the invitation out to anyone who is interested in finding out a little more about Milele and helping us raise some money for future children.

The event is being held at Dixie Pavilion in Market Bosworth on the 7th of July 2018, tickets are £60 each and can be bought directly from Amy or myself. We would love to have a room full of people so please consider bringing friends and family with you so we can celebrate together.

Thanks for your support!


Taking the Plunge: Triathlete in Training!
Open air swimming... looks inviting doesn't it?!
Open air swimming... looks inviting doesn't it?!

Rich took the plunge today in his first ever open water swim! Some would say he left it rather late with a mere 2 weeks to the big event... gossip speculates that this was an avoidance tactic or perhaps that he was hoping he could back out at the last minute? No chance Rich. We have your number.

The water temperature was a brisk 12.4 degrees but he didn't let that put him off, warming up with 800 metres in his new wetsuit!

Triathlon training - 1 (1)
Triathlon training - 1 (1)

In fact, Rich is now a big fan of wetsuits, in a post-training interview he sung their praise saying "Yes. The wetsuit look is amazing. I'm about to start wearing it out and about - who doesn't want clothing that smells of rubber, makes noises as you walk and feels like you're wearing full body spanx? Get on board guys!"

That's enough for today!
That's enough for today!
Triathlon training - 1 (3)
Triathlon training - 1 (3)

CLICK TO DONATE HERE to make Rich's painful training this morning worthwhile and keep him motivated as we lead into the big event on Sunday 15th May 2017! 

Climbing Snowdon - We did it!

Hi All, I'm very glad to report that following Lucas and Imogen's amazing climb, yesterday another 13 Milele volunteers have made it to the summit of Snowdon!

We walked 14.8 km and took a little over 6.5 hours including breaks for eating food and taking photos. Luckily the rain held off but the wind was very strong with 50 MPH gusts at the summit.

The Milele Mountain Climbers

Our route took us through 14km of absolutely beautiful terrain  slowly climbing to the maximum height of 1085m. There were lots of pretty tricky spots which caused a bit of trouble but we managed to support everyone to make it right to the top!

Snowdon Route

Huge thanks to all of the volunteers for their amazing hard work climbing and fundraising!

We'll be collecting sponsorship money over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for the grand total but it's not too late to donate! Please head over to our donations page to give big or small and help us support some amazing children to do some amazing things.