Charo - Chasimba High School

Hi All, Charo (along with his brothers) was one of the first children to be sponsored by Milele. At the start of this year he reached a milestone in his education when he started at Chasimba High School. Like the vast majority of secondary schools in Kenya, Chasimba is a boarding school. This means Charo has also moved out of the children's home where he has lived for the past 8 years.

Charo in his Chasimba uniform

It has now been a few moths since Charo started at Chasimba and he has settled in well. He has made lots of friends, is liked by his teachers and has recently started leading prayers in assemblies which is a big responsibility.

We are very proud of Charo and hope that in a few years time he can follow in Emmanuel Kai's footprints by making it all the way to university. He definitely has the potential!