Climbing Snowdon

Hi All, We have a group of good friends who we met many years ago whilst doing youth work in Leicestershire. Over time we have been scattered across the UK for university and work but we still meet up when we find an elusive time when we are all free. After we have finished catching up and eating dinner we get onto the topic of Milele. Over the years we have discussed many of the big issues, talked about the direction of Milele and ran a few fundraisers. (See the CPR Marathon)

Last time we met up, someone (who will remain nameless) thought it would be a good idea to suggest a new idea for a fundraiser... Climbing Snowdon!

The bright spark who suggested the idea is a bit of a mountain goat but the rest of us are really inexperienced with this kind of thing. In addition Amy is somewhat terrified of heights and Chloe has a habit of dislocating her limbs both of which might create a few challenges!

We have a donations page and any contributions would be greatly appreciated! Anything you donate will go towards helping us support an amazing young girl through an incredibly hard part of her life.

We will be climbing on the 6th of June so providing I haven't fallen off I'll post some photos from the top afterwards.