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Clothing and Shoes Distribution

On Saturday we distributed lots of clothes and shoes to the children at Royal Academy, their brothers and sisters and some of the local children in the area. We managed to give out to at least 100 children over the day, many of whom had very few clothes and were dressed just in rags or cloth tied around them. They were so excited to receive them and I hope you will enjoy looking at these photos just as much – see if you can spot your donation!

Trouble? Me? Never!

No, this top is definitely not too small... perfect for me!

Im a fairy princess!

drawing a crowd - people waiting outside the school

charity loves her cool new trainers!

bring on the monsoon!

When we went back to Royal the following day to hand out some of the food parcels and saw so many of the clothes being worn in the village - it was really lovely! Clearly they are favourite items already!

Thanks once again to everyone who has donated something!

Mbazi December 2010

Hi again, Playing with Stickle Bricks

Whilst here we have visited the Mbazi project, giving out some of the smaller girls clothes and shoes as well as the remaining mosquito nets. The children were really excited to see us and we were pleased to see lots of familiar faces since the last time we were here.

Billy has also been working on this project teaching some basic maths and social studies to a small group of children, and is clearly a firm favourite, happy to co-ordinate regular games of football!!

I love to model my new shoes!

Despite unfortunately loosing a member of their team to a heart attack a couple of months ago, the group have managed to make some progress with the building, having secured the first classroom and begun to make a blackboard for it, and started a second classroom. A large area has also been cleared of the long grass and weeds to make space for a playground for the children.

We like our mosquito net!

Once again, enjoy the pictures!

Bethel December 2010

Hi Everyone, Thanks for our exercise books and pencils!

We have spent a bit more time at the Bethel project during our visit this time, and have been really pleased to see them under the care of their founder Elizabeth blossoming into a fantastically successful school providing quality education to many of the areas poorest families.

Bethel now have 85 children who attend regularly in the babyclass, kindergartens 1, 2 and 3.

Thanks for my new jumper!

For the youngest children, Bethel provides the opportunity for parents to go out and find work during the day, meaning they can try to put food on the table at home.Before Bethel, this service was normally very expensive, making it unaccessible to the parents who need to use it most. Elizabeth's solution is to run the care scheme herself, and ask for only 100 shillings (around 80p) contribution per child per month, a sum which is achievable when paid in very small installments throughout the year.

I love my posh new clothes!

For those in the kindergarten classes the school is providing an invaluable foundation before they enter the government school system. They are acheiving among the highest nursery school marks in the area, a huge achievement for an essentially free community school. This preparation for school will mean children from Bethel have the best possible chance of absorbing as much information as possible within the government school environment.

Upon joining the government school, Elizabeth still provides support for the children who have outgrown the programme, through after school hours tuition at the project.

Our volunteer, Billy, has spent a lot of time there and has really enjoyed working with the project. Elizabeth said that at first the parents were doubtful that their children would understand Billy's english accent, but dramatically changed their minds after seeing Billy's class achieiving the highest positions in the area in their entry to government school assessment! Billy is now considered a real part of the team at Bethel, he will be sorely missed when his time in Kenya draws to a close in January.

Mosquito nets for tiny babies!

During our trip here we have been able to give out some of your donated clothes and shoes at to the children attending the Bethel project, and thanks to a donation from Micheal Wright have managed to buy 100 exercise books; 109 pencils; 10 sharpeners and 200 peices of chalk for use in the school, as well as some additional mosquito nets for the youngest babies!

We hope you enjoy the photos!

Amy and Rich

Here in Mtwapa

Hello All, We landed in Kenya yesterday and have big plans for our trip this time. As well as checking on the progress of our boys we will also be arranging the first volunteer programme for Milele. We also have lots of shoes and clothes to give out as well as some school supplies for one of the local community schools.

Keep checking the site for more news and hopefully a few pictures!

Rich and Amy