Monthly Update for May.

Hello! Welcome to this month update,its  another term for our kids to go back to school after a short holiday.Some of our kids have been visiting family members and they had good time with them.its time they have to get back to school for their second term.

We now have two students at high school and the rest are in primary.we have been coordinating with their guardians making sure all the kids are back to school.

Through Milele Sponsorship program we have managed to meet some of there requirement  they had before going back to school like paying of school fees e.t.c. I would to thank Milele family for your hard work and determination towards the program. Its you who has made it possible for this young generation see some light a head of their future through education.

Thanks everyone for your support in building the future of milele kids.Your support deserve credit but am very sure that our Almighty will reword  you in a very special way in all aspects of your life.