June Update

Welcome everyone for this month updates. We have started a new project of loaning out a bicycle to a student at  Mtwapa academy school who comes from far and he /she can use it to get at school and going back home at the right time.

Through Milele sponsorship we have to get the bicycle and currently we are working on the child would be given the bicycle to use it.

The other projects are doing well we do hope this one will be a success to and a good one to the child and anyone who is concerned.The Director of the school she is extremely happy and very thankful to Milele sponsorship and G.A.P. For helping the school kids who are coming from far.

It has been raining heavily over this month and when i visit the school we normally work with most parents are  asking for mosquito nets because some missed the nets we have been donating and its a huge number.

For those who managed to get one have  passed their gratitude for search caring hearts towards them to anyone who contributed and Milele sponsorship program at large.Its really amazing to see how happy the needy family are.

Thanks and be blessed bye!