Hello!and welcome to our December updates.we all know that during this month of December we normally have so many events taking place.All these events are usually accompanied by celebrations of christmas and new year.during this month its when most of the family's come together after along time of being away from each other. It was indeed a good month for the unfortunate family's around Royal Academy school.for the first time they had a reason to smile. All this happened because you donated some cash which was used to buy 20 mosquito nets and 18 small food parcels for the needy families around the school. We had two days of giving out the christmas gifts i.e 30th of December and 31st.on the 30th we gave out the mosquito nets to kids under the age of 5years and we managed to give out all the nets to the kids. Actually Malaria has been a big challenge for so many years here in Kenya.At particular year it kills thousands of young kids under the age of 5years who normally don't sleep under the treated mosquito nets. We say thanks for caring about these kids life we know that you have save many young little angels from the malaria.They can last for several years. The food parcel we gave them out on the 31st and poverty is another big challenge facing most of the Kenyans.This is due to most of the families they depend on farming and for now it has not rained for some time. Some of the challenges are special cases of disability and being victims of HIV and AIDS.The family's which received the food parcels really appreciated your donation with great gratitude. This was their best christmas ever they have had so far thanks again for remembering these families. We give our thanks to Milele program for remembering the needy families.We say life is an echo all comes back so give the world the best and the best shall be given to you. Thanks so much


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