Hello,everyone! Welcome to our monthly updates for this month.It has been the longest month full of activities of our sponsored children who have started a new term in new classes.They all had a good happy new year and as well are all back in school in good shape and in healthy conditions. We say thanks to all the sponsors for making everything happen in a good way. As for this month we have been doing some payments of school fees, buying some books and other school materials for the children. we have also tried to visit some of the kids we gave them the Mosquito nets to see weather they have been using the mosquito nets you donated to the kids. They have been in use and have so far helped most of the family's the parents are really thankfully for your concern towards their kids. also the community at large they are happy from what they received from you. Our sponsored children are are doing well but things have been a little bit harder in their new classes. They have in fact done their first exam but they have all dropped some marks compared to the previous exam. This is due to their new things they have tackled in the new classes before.we are hope full they will improve their marks. they have realized they need to work hard to get better grades. our senior boy he is also doing well.