November update from Mtwapa!

Here is our update from the sponsorship co-ordinator, Rieder Mwambanga: It has been a month full of painful tears for some of our beloved friends, who ended up losing one of their family members. Although success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life but by the obstacles which he/she has overcome whilst attempting to succeed. Most of the members were heartbroken by the situation but we were sticks in a bundle whereby they are unbreakable, because we were united from the start, up until the last minute when she passed away. It was a sad moment for one and all because we wanted to achieve our goal of making sure she recovered from her illness. She has been through a lot of pain and sleepless nights and the Almighty will now take care of her. I would like to pass on my gratitude to all the doctors, nurses, family members and all the sponsors who joined hands to make sure that the late Mama Emmanuel was getting treatment at the Coast General Hospital.

This month I also received gifts from one of the sponsors from England by the name of Sandra, who sent presents for Safari and Emmanuel. We wish to say thank you for them and to let you know that the boys really appreciated and enjoyed them. In other news, our boys did well in their September exams, with only Emmanuel slipping a little from position two to number four. He was really annoyed with the result because he wanted to maintain his position or improve. Charo in Class 3 was in the No. 1 spot for his class, Safari Class 2 came second and Kaingu Class 2 was in the fourth position in his class. They have all been working hard because they aware of the school trip that is coming up. They therefore have to pass their October exams in order to secure a chance to go on the trip. I would like to also say that Billy has been doing a great job for our programme so far and that he has been busy throughout. With him there is strength.

Many thanks, Rieder