September Update from Mtwapa

Here is an update we have received from our sponsorship co-ordinator in Kenya, Rieder Mwambanga, we hope you enjoy it. Thanks, Amy and Rich

Hi everybody,

I would first like to thank all Milele volunteers and sponsors at large for their good heart and the help you provide for the needy and the community in our Milele programme. We appreciate everything that you do for the Milele sponsorship programme and hope that you keep up the good work!

In regards to the Milele project this month, I have undertaken a trip to the rural area where our four sponsored boys originate from. Visiting Takaungu for the first time was a good experience as it allowed me to get to know the boys families as well as letting them know who I am and my role within Milele. I have also spent time this month making sure that the payments of the boys school fees and their feeding programme were submitted on time and used effectively.

I also take this opportunity to thank you for bringing Billy along to us. We hope that he will do great things during his time here and that the work will be of value to the local community and children. We have been working hand-in-hand towards this profile and hopefully we will achieve our goals.

The Milele boys who all attend Mtwapa Academy School are just starting their end of month exams this week and we hope that they will do well. Fingers crossed! We appreciate all your effort and we thank you for all your help.

Thanks, Rieder