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Bamburi Nature Trail

Hi All, A couple of days ago we took all of the sponsored children who attend Mtwapa Academy to Bamburi Nature Trail, this is like a cross between a mini safari park and a zoo. We thought it would be nice to let all the sponsored children get to know each other a bit better as well as having a bit of a treat. We gave them a disposable camera to take their own photos but we’ll put some of ours on here so you can see.

emmanuel_with_a_giant_tortoiseEveryone was very excited and we all got the chance to see lots of animals and learn all about them with the tour guide. The children wrote some sentences or paragraphs about their favourite animals, so we’ll include them below for you to enjoy! They are exactly as the children wrote them and they only did one draft so hopefully you will understand them!

Emmanuel (age 7) My favourite animal is monkey. I like monkey because good. The monkey is very small. The monkey is good at climbing the trees. The monkey is black in colour. The monkey eat pellets and eat bananas. The monkey likes to run.

Kaingu (aged 9) My favourite animal is giraffe. I like it because have long neck and like it because have long legs. Giraffe is colour brown and yellow and I like it because if you want to feed giraffe you put food in your hand and give to giraffe. I like giraffe because giraffe is bigger than all animals in the world and I like with his colour.

The children were told that if they could catch a fish they could keep it!

Pendo (aged 8 ) My favourite is giraffe. Why do you like? Because he has a long neck. He is feed on my hand. He looks like brown colour and black. I have see 6 giraffe and I have like so much and I have see most of them are boys and girls. They were have long legs and feed on trees. There food is in colour brown. Also I have seen some others. Most of them are snake and I have like them so much and I have see also hippos and trees.

Josephine (aged 14) My favourite animal is monkey. I like monkey because it is very funny. It acts like a human being. Monkey likes eating things like mangos, banana and other food. Its like climbing the trees. Its like playing with children. They like stealing food if they feel hungry. When you chase the monkeys they run towards the trees. When I see monkeys I feel very excited. I like spending time with the monkeys staring at them.

Tamira (aged 7) My favourite animal is a snake. I like the snake because is good. The snake is small and doesn’t have any legs. When I saw the snake I felt happy. There were many snakes it was black.

Safari (aged 10) My favourite animal is called giraffe. It is big and has long neck. He has a beautiful colour. His colour is brown, white. I like giraffe very much. Because its bigger than others, they eat good food. Giraffe is good than others because he has good colours. The giraffe is not dangerous than others.

Charo (aged 11) My favourite animal is crocodile. A crocodile is a dangerous animal. It’s live in water. Crocodile feeds different of foods. Crocodile eats fish, house fly, human being and rotting meat because he has no tongue to taste foods. In one month crocodile eat one time and has hard skin. In one year crocodile lays 60 eggs. I like crocodile.