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First Aid Training

One of the biggest differences between Kenya and Europe is the attitude to safety. If a well needs to be dug then it will be left uncovered overnight, if a drill needs power then bare wires will be pushed into a socket or if a child's pencil needs sharpening then they will use a razor blade. (These are all things we have seen over the past few years) All of this means that accidents are common but unfortunately, help is not easily at hand as ambulances are rare and it is uncommon for people to have first aid training. This got us thinking, would it be possible to train prominent members of the community in basic first aid skills which may be able to save lives if serious accidents occur?

Teaching Dressing use at Victory Academy

As Amy has recently qualified as a Nurse and just completed her advanced practice training she decided to reach out to healthcare professionals and see if anyone would like to come to Kenya to teach first aid. We were very fortunate to meet Janet who has been a senior nurse for many years and was super keen to come to Kenya and help out.

Teaching CPR at Casuarina House

Whilst here, Amy and Janet (with a little assistance from Georgie and myself) will be teaching first aid classes to teachers and carers from a number of different schools, kindergartens and children's homes. We have already ran sessions at Victory Academy, Casuarina House and Utange Baptist Primary School which have proved to be a huge success. Over then next week we have a number of other places planned in and hope to have taught around 100 people the basics of first aid.

Teaching First Aid at Utange Baptist Primary School