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Swimming Trip

Hi All, Each time we visit Kenya we try to make some time to do something fun with the children; we have previously been to a Haller animal park, the public beach and on a day safari at Shimba Hills. Back in April when Amy and I were visiting Kenya we asked the children what they wanted to do and they suggested swimming. They have previously been swimming with some of our sponsors (Rodger, Sue, Helen and Craig) who had taken the children a few months earlier and this was obviously a hit!

When the children arrived it soon became clear we have some children who are very confidant in the water. Charo, Kaingu, Safari and Emmanuel all dived straight into the deep end of the pool. The boys grew up near to the sea and since living in the children's home they have been swimming a few times where they clearly learnt some expert diving skills!

Kaingu's Dive

Almost all of the other children were very cautious, staying at the shallow end having fun splashing, playing and giggling. Amy and I spent our time looking after the three young boys (Edward, Saidi and Issac) who were all too small to reach the bottom even in the shallow end.

Splashing Around

Issac absolutely loved the water, he really enjoyed floating around on his tummy, splashing and being splashed. He became so confident towards then end that he decided to jump in from the side of the pool; as he came up he was laughing and smiling away!


Issac loves water

After a couple of hours in the pool, everyone came out to have their chicken, chips &soda and receive their letters & gifts from their sponsors.

It's lovely to spend time with the children outside of school, it's always the highlight of our time in Kenya and shows just how much of a difference sponsorship can make.