Update from Billy: Our Volunteer in Kenya

Dear all, The month of October saw all four boys receiving their end of September exam results, and we are pleased to announce that all four did very well. Their results are just reward for all the hard work the boys have put in over the last few months. In other news, the boys are eagerly awaiting the Mtwapa Academy School trip which is to take place in mid-November. The trip is a chance for the boys to see some of the many sites that Mombassa has to offer with the trip taking them across the Likoni Ferry, to Wild Waters and finally a visit to the airport. For many of them it will be their first time to Mombassa and even to see an aeroplane up close!

The month of October also saw Safari being taken out of school for a few days with a bout of Chicken pox. Fortunately it was not a serious case and Rieder was able to take him to a nearby doctors practice for a check up. He was seen by a doctor and given some medication to take and advised to miss school due to the infectious nature of chicken pox. Within a number of days the spots were greatly reduced and very soon Safari was back to full health and was glad to be able to return to school.

Many thanks, Billy