Updates for July

Hello!welcome everyone,for this month we had a lot of changes in the projects we have been doing.most of the family's have started getting profits out of this projects we initiated for them. we have the chicken project whereby mama pendo has managed to keep chickens and feeding them while they were chicks. In this month she managed to sell 12 of full grown chickens and she still have some remaining to feed and sell again. Out this project mama pendo she is able to feed the family and take care of some basic issue at home. She still keeps the profit and looking for to add some more chickens.On the other hand we have mama said who she has been doing the charcoal business as i write this update she has managed to introduce anther business of keeping chickens. Its a great achievement for the family's because they are using these business to feed their family and save something to improve the business. They are really happy for your support and good heart towards them. Thanks a lot for your support.