World of Difference

Hi All, So we have had some amazing news! Late last year Amy applied for some funding from Vodaphone's World of Difference scheme. The World of Difference scheme pays for a volunteer to work for a charity for 2 months full time or 4 months part time.

Amy put forward a fantastic application and luckily for us this has been accepted! This means Amy will be offically working for Milele from April to July. We are taking this opportuinity to build links with schools and especially to launch a new project, the "Bring a Book" scheme.

The idea of "Bring a Book" is to take across well loved and well read books from the UK to Kenya, for use again by children who would not otherwise have access to the huge social, emotional and academic benefits which come from access to a wide variety of literature.

If you have good links with a school in the UK, or you run a playgroup, nursery or afterschool club for children and you think you might be able to help out with this project, then please do let us know. Amy would absolutely LOVE to hear from you. Give her a call on 07950329398 or an email to and get in touch!