News from Kenya

Hi everyone! Just to let you know, we are in Kenya. We don't have long here but lots of exciting things are happening.

We have visited Mtwapa  Elite Academy, which is the new school our sponsored children are now attending, and it is fantastic. All the children and parents are very happy with their new school and have settled in well.

Mtwapa Elite

Mtwapa Elite

We have visited most of our children at home including Tamira, Pendo, Umi, Edward, Saidi, Emmanuel Kai, Linet and Peris. Tomorrow we are due to visit our newest and youngest child, Isaac at his house too. Some of the families are facing some serious challenges at the moment, however we are well prepared to deal with them well and all the children are healthy and happy.

Isaac at school (Victory Kindergarten)

Emmanuel Kai in his new shirt - Thank-you Emily!

The really great news is that thanks to another generous donation from the Dorothy Holmes Trust we have been able to take on another child onto the programme. Her name is Amina, she is 11 years old and she lives in Mtomondoni with her mother, father and five brothers and sisters. Currently she has been walking for at least two hours to school each day, because that is the closest free government school which has space for her. More information and photos to follow!


Edward loves his new Thomas book and game! Thanks Judy!

If any of our sponsors or supporters out there have letters or messages that they would like to pass onto the kids, please let us know. We are accessing the Milele email daily, or you are welcome to post a comment below. We will be seeing all the children on Friday, so before Friday afternoon would be ideal.

Tamira at home

Equally, if anyone out there works in healthcare and would like to volunteer in Mtwapa during August next year, get in touch we would love to hear from you. Already we are building a long list of healthcare-related projects which we can run with communities and schools - certainly much in demand!

Our love to all

Amy and Rich

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