Mtwapa Academy

Today we visited Mtwapa Academy Primary school, this is the school where the children on Milele sponsorship program will study. The primary school system works slightly differently to the one in England. Children normally start in the Kindergarten classes (KG1-KG3) at around 2-3 years old. They then progress on to the Standards (STD1-STD8). Each child takes a test at the end of each school year which dictates whether they can move up to the next year or not. This means the schooling is not based on age, but on capability.   

The front gates of Mtwapa Academy



The boys which we seek to sponsor are in years KG3, Standard 1 and Standard 2 this means they are near the start of their school lives and will benefit hugely from being part of Milele. All four boys are very bright and are performing exceptionally well in school with some of the highest grades in their classes!


The view across the court yard of mtwapa Academy, looking up towards the only second floor classroom

We will be posting more information about the boys over the next few days so watch out for more news and photos!


Rich and Amy