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Save a Life this Christmas

Great news! The Milele Christmas Gifts are now available! They make a perfect gift for 'hard-to-buy-for' people this year! Donate to Milele this christmas and we will buy a mosquito net (£5) or a food parcel (£10) for a family in Kenya. In return you will get a gift certificate to pass on to someone in this country explaining why the gift is so important  - the ideal substitute for a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine.

Mosquito Nets (£5)

With malaria one of the biggest killers of children under 5 in this area, nets keep little ones safe during their first few years of life. They are specially treated to provide maximum protection.

6 month old twins making good use of your mosquito net donations last year

Food Parcels (£10)

No family should be hungry this Christmas. Food parcels provide healthy and tasty sustenance to families who are malnourished and struggling for food.

Food parcels are a great way to help families who are hungry this christmas

To Order:

To order a net or a food parcel drop me an email to

Lets make a real difference

Last year together we managed to give Mosquito nets and food parcels to 38 families. After visiting the homes of these families and seeing the incredible difference they make, I can truly tell you there really is no better way to spend your money this year. One mother told me she had been really scared of Malaria after the long rainy season, but since receiving the net, not one of her children has contracted Malaria. This year we can do even better - we can reach even more children and families and save more lives.



Hello everyone,welcome to our monthly updates. We are indeed thankful to Milele organization for making things happen in a good way. I would like also to acknowledge the sponsors for their good work towards Milele organization. This month our sponsored children,have been really working hard to improve their grades in this Month exams. We have high expectation for them to do better than in last month exam. I also got a chance to visit our senior boy at Malindi High School.Whereby we discussed his performance with several teachers. We also bought some set books for him on which he will be examined on during his final exam. He is also doing well,he has to put more effort in improving his grades.Things are becoming more challenging for all the students at his level. He is focused and knows that, to pass with good grades he must put extra effort in school work to achieve his goals. The uniform checking it has been a big competition and very difficult to get the best pupil who maintained hes / her uniform the best. its like if all of them have emerged to be winner, which makes it difficult to reward them all! We pass our gratitude to all the sponsors and well wishers who value the life of a child, God will value your life more. Thank you all.

Mtwapa on the BBC

Hi All, Amy and I were just sitting down to watch some television tonight and we noticed a program which grabbed our attention; 'Tourism and the Truth: Stacey Dooley'. It is a very interesting program about tourism in Kenya and it features the costal area of Kenya where we work. We recognised many of the shots of residential to be Mtwapa and the surrounding areas. It is very odd to see this on television and it does show Mtwapa as it is.

You can watch the program here: Tourism and the Truth: Stacey Dooley. It will be avalible on BBC iPlayer til 1:19AM Thu, 23 Jun 2011.

It is a really great program and we are going to finish watching it now!


Here in Mtwapa

Hello All, We landed in Kenya yesterday and have big plans for our trip this time. As well as checking on the progress of our boys we will also be arranging the first volunteer programme for Milele. We also have lots of shoes and clothes to give out as well as some school supplies for one of the local community schools.

Keep checking the site for more news and hopefully a few pictures!

Rich and Amy